Rights for All:  Reshaping the Voice of Homelessness
This is my chosen fast:  to loosen all the bonds that bind humans unfairly, to let the oppressed go free, to break every yoke.  Share your bread with the hungry, take the homeless into your homes, clothe the naked when you see him/her, do not turn away from people in need.  Then cleansing life shall break forth like the dawn, and your wounds shall soon be healed.  Your triumph shall go before you and your Lord's glory shall be your regard.  Then you shall call and the Lord will answer.       -- Isaiah 57

Rights for All is an emerging idea born by Howard Jackson, a man whose voice longs to echo loudly down alley ways, meeting rooms, and congressional halls.  In an effort to share his story, and the shed light on the issue of homelessness in America, he has created this website.  Within this technology, this simple tool, may you find your eyes opened, your soul awakened.   And may you find resources here to inspire you into action.  

Howard continues to share his story, but his next conviction is to help those who remain faceless and voiceless.  His hope is to grant them a chance to share their story with our leaders.  Be sure to visit this site often and stay tuned for interviews and more. 

When you want to go forward in your car, you put it in "D."  When you want to go backward, you put it in "R." We want to go forward.  We have to put it in "D."                                                                                                                                                                                -- President Barak Obama